About Us

With over 15 years experience in design, manufacturing, and distribution we are a leader in sustainable site furnishings. Our focus has been experiential design offerings built with sustainable materials and processes. We are committed to creating meaningful products that provide value for planners, installers, and end users.

Our Business

Products: All of our products are built to amplify user experience and to reward our end users. We design all of our products to be simple, intuitive, and to reward all stake holders. Our core product areas include:

Bicycle Parking | Benches | Picnic Tables | Receptacles | Shelters | Bleachers | Lockers

Service: We strive to offer the planning community all of the necessary tools to succeed. We do this by offering the best in class technical sales team support, city ordinance consultation, site audits, drafting, and CAD (DWG, BIM, SKP) files along with support.

Team: Our focus is our team. We seek to empower each employee through training, developmental education, and by giving them the tools and processes to maximize their potential.

Culture: At Sustainable Sites we live for the outdoors! We are advocates for bicycling, parks, and public health and safety.

Our Customer Commitment

Customers First: Our customers are our business. We will educate them, offer them the right advice, follow up, and follow through with our deliverables. We will make sure to make things right, if wrong. We will insure the quality of our products and service fall in line with a first class experience.

Knowledgeable Advice: We will commit to continued education and training our team in ordinances, LEED, manufacturing, planning, technical sales, as well as product pricing to features and benefits.

Premium Brand: Our site furnishing products will add value through functional design, quality finish, onsite education (QR, TAG, etc.), environment friendly accessories, and electrolysis prevention.

Social Responsibility: We will place a high degree of value on our local community. We believe that if each business shared its success, the world would be a better place. That is why we get out and help! Besides taking care of our local community and advocacy groups, we also pledge to make our work space eco-friendly. By adopting the recycle, reduce, and reuse mantra, we play our part.